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    New Hire Welcome Kits

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    Branded Baby Gifts

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    Client Holiday Gifts

Intelligent Automation

Intelligently Automated = Thoughtful Without Thinking

Easily schedule gifts for a later date (one at a time, or in bulk) and set up repeat gifts so you'll never forget another important occasion. Our dashboard tracks all of the gifts you’ve sent, and we’ll make sure you never send a duplicate to the same person.

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The Best Branded Merchandise

Brilliant curates, ships, and helps you distribute well-designed branded merchandise. We’ve sourced unique, top-quality items, so your gifts are sure to be loved and remembered. Our talented design team works with you to create modern, stylish graphics so your swag will be smashing, and your t-shirts will be crowd favorites.

Branded Gifts
  • "Our new accounts program has been a huge success. Our clients have been so appreciative and consistently impressed by their thoughtful account managers. We feel like we are really getting off on the right foot with these important relationships."

    - Angela, Sales Assistant

  • "I used to spend a ton of time finding a good closing gifts for buyers, and then making sure it got to them. Either that, or I'd forget to send a gift altogether. This is simply... brilliant!"

    - Brian, Real Estate Agent

  • "Scheduled Gifts are like magic. Now I never have to remember to send a gift. I even scheduled a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. "

    - Teresa, Account Manager

  • "Brilliant has been a huge time-saver and vastly improved the promotional products I send on behalf of my execs. I love I can send a package in just a few clicks. I recommend it to literally everyone."

    - Emily, Executive Assistant